What provisions should I take with me?

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016 03:54PM EET
Before sailing away on your lovely boat, it's important that you spend some time putting together a shopping list, with everything you are going to need on board. To make provisioning easier for you, we have gone ahead and put together some useful guidelines.

First thing's first. Before you buy anything:
  1. Ask for your fellow travellers’ tastes before you leave, to make sure you plan for meals everyone will like.
  2. Check the boat's equipment and plan for meals according to what you will be able to cook with.
  3. Make a list. You don't want to forget something important, especially when you might not find grocery stores along your route.
  4. Boats are usually equipped with basic kitchen tools, so if you need any special tools better bring them with you.
  5. Don’t forget that storage space is limited. 
  6. Plan for lunches that can be prepared in advance. Boats are always moving so even if the sea is calm, it will be easier and safer for you to cook when the boat is anchored.
  7. Don't forget about supplies and condiments.  You will probably find salt and pepper on the boat, but you should bring your own spices, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. Don’t forget to also get paper towels, toilet paper, rubbish bags and ziplock bags! 
  8. Take a 1.5 litres of water per person per day. Have each person bring their own water bottle from home.
  9. Consider a large cooler for drinks. That way you can easily get cool drinks all day long without having to open (and warm up) your fridge throughout the day. 
  10. Think about rubbish. You are going to have to carry your rubbish with you for a day or two at a time so try to keep it at a minimum.

Ideas for Meals
Here are some ideas for effortless and nourishing meals to satisfy your hunger during your trip. Most of them can be prepared on board in no time or you can make ahead from home.


  • Bread
  • Butter, Jams, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese
  • Cereals, Muesli
  • Yogurt
  • Bananas, Oranges
  • Granola bars
  • Eggs
  • Coffee
  • Oatmeal


  • Ham and cheese (or any other kind really) sandwiches
  • Tuna Salad Wraps
  • Frittata
  • Greek salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Burgers
  • BBQ chicken
  • Pizzas


  • Tortilla chips and salsa
  • Assorted nuts, dried fruits
  • Hard cheese
  • Fresh fruit


  • Brownies
  • Cupcakes 
  • Cookies
Other Provisions
  • Insect repellent
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Ice for your icebox
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